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5SOS dominate the streets of London with customised taxis

The hit Boy Band 5SOS have been dominating the charts recently with their new album and this week they have been dominating the streets of London with very own customised taxis. 
The 4 liveries, each dedicated  to one of the band members are creating a storm on social media , with fans tweeting and instagraming pictures of the taxis. The band added to the hysteria and excitement by also taking to Instagram and posting a video of their reactions to liveries branded with each of their faces. 4 of VeriFone Media’s elite PR drivers were in charge of chauffeuring the band to various locations around London in the taxi.
There were many photo opportunities for adoring fans, with chances to jump in and engage with the interior screens playing songs from the new album-‘ 5 Seconds of Summer’.  The boys were transported in their taxis to a signing at HMV on Oxford Street, where the taxis were mobbed by fans, and also took centre stage. It was a great way for Universal to promote the new album, as well as use the taxis to build even more excitement for the arrival of the band  ahead of their scheduled appearances.

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