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Digital Large Format Roadside Code


Digital technology is changing the delivery of information. There are digital cameras, digital phones, digital television, digital radios, digital newspapers and now digital billboards.

Digital billboards will be one of the main growth areas for outdoor companies over the next few years as the industry seeks to adapt the old fashioned billboards for the digital era we are now in.

On billboards, digital technology still produces poster images but these are changed electronically via computer, hence no need for traditional billposting with ladders and vans or the paper and vinyl sheets on which the poster images are traditionally printed.

Digital technology is simply thus a new non-manual way to post billboard advertisements.

The use of modern technology to deliver images on to roadside billboards allows not only useful commercial information to be dispersed to the general public, but enables police and government agencies to deliver speedy emergency information and quick communication to the public.

Typically at present a digital billboard advertisement is displayed for 6 to 8 seconds and then fades away. A new message then appears.

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